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There are literally hundreds of caravan security devices on the market to make your caravan secure on a camp site. Some are better than others, none will make your caravan totally thief proof but all will tend to make the thief think twice bout stealing your caravan. As with most things in the world you get what you pay for. We advise buying the best you can afford and make sure the thief knows the device is fitted. Bright paint helps and so do the stickers usually supplied with security items. Security devices with a Sold Secure logo on them have been independently tested as being suitable for caravans and trailers. Both The Camping and Caravanning Club and the Caravan Club hold an up-to-date list of Sold Secure approved security products.

Hitch locks provide a reasonable degree of protection from the opportunist thief. Get one that is manufactured from heavy steel to cover the tow socket fixing bolts. Make sure it has a good lock. Some hitch locks can lock the caravan to the car but ensure it is unlocked when you are actually towing.
Use them on site when Camping in Europe or at short stops. They do not, by themselves, generally offer sufficient security for when the caravan is in storage.
Wheel clamps come in all sorts of qualities. It is a sad fact that generally the easier they are to put on the easier they are for a thief to remove. Buy a good clamp and check that it fits your caravan. With some wheel clamps a clever thief can remove the wheel and the clamp with it.

If you think that taking the wheels off your caravan will stop caravan thieves you don’t know how tenacious this nasty breed can be. But wheel stands can be a good deterrent, if you make sure they are locked in place. You should check with your insurers that they are happy to let you keep the van on wheel stands.
Sometimes policies call for the van to be fitted with a wheel clamp at all times. Also check in your handbook, some chassis manufacturers recommend axle stands for winter storage.

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