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Have you ever wanted a cheap UK based holiday but fancied something different to the normal Butlins / Haven / Camping holiday. Well why not Fly to the isles of Scilly and stay on one their islands. If you haven’t already been or heard of the Isles of Scilly, It’s a cluster of islands that are considered to be part of Cornwall but are sometimes classed as their own area. If you are someone who goes for days out in Cornwall, then taking a day trip to the Scilly Isles can make a great alterative.

Tourism is a big source of income for the islands, with their unique environments and summer climate drawing many visitors throughout the year. There are two main ways of getting to the islands, and that’s by sea or by air. There are a few companies that offer helicopters, planes and ferries to get to the island, one of these being Isles of Scilly Travel.

There are plenty of islands to visit, but most visitors decide to stay on the island of St Mary’s as it has the most amenities and suitable accommodation. Another main island that draws the tourists to it, is Tresco which is an inhabited island that is also run as a timeshare resort. The islands of Bryher and St Martin’s aren’t as tourist orientated as the others but still do have amenities and accommodation if you want to visit the.

All the Islands depend on tourism a great deal and most activities that happen on the islands are to draw tourists in, this is the same as most of Britain. Levels of tourism are very much controlled by the weather and the islands usually shut down in the winter, due to low tourist levels. The highest levels of tourism are as expected in the Summer, but there is also a massive burst of visitors in October due to birdwatchers arriving to see first landing of migrant birds.

Next time you are planning a holiday in the UK or even a Cornwall day trip, why not consider visiting the Isles of Wight.

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