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The main draw of a holiday on the Isle of Scilly is that you are going for the peace and beauty and not for things like night clubs and theme parks, but if you are interested in sea based holidays with swimming and sailing, then its ideal. The Islands have been described as having more of a Mediterranean climate than British with the sea being warmed by the Gulf Stream. Here is a rundown of our top 5 things to do while visiting the Isles of Scilly.

1. Museum

Following severe gales in 1962, locals found some Romano-British finds that made them start up a local museum to show off their findings. Initially this started off as a temporary display in a church during one summer. After some fundraising and great support from volunteers, the current Museum was created.

The collections are very diverse that include material from wrecks, romano-british artefacts, stuffed birds, local are and lots more.

To read more about the museum, please visit here.

2. Bird watching

Bird watching is one of the biggest draws to the island as it is one of the best known bird watching locations in Britain. The tourist levels in October rise due to the birdwatchers arriving. The position of the islands means Scilly is one of the first landing spots for a lot of migrant birds, including some rare birds from Siberia and North America.

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The Isles of Scilly used to be one big island many thousands of years ago; subsequently, the sea is shallow and mainly sandy between them, but those islands with outside facing coasts drop off into very deep water. There are lots of wrecks, reefs and sandbanks that hold fish. St Marys, the largest island has one of the most varied shores for fishing. There are plenty of flats, doggies, codling, whiting, poor cod, pout, dragonets, various wrasse and Pollack to catch.

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As well as stunning scenery to see on your walks, there is an event that takes place on the Islands called Walk Scilly. The 2007 was a great success and the organisers have decided to hold it again in 2008. This time around they have got twice as many walks organised with routes for all age groups.

To find out more about Walk Scilly 2008 visit here.

St Mary’s Coach Tours

As soon as you arrive on the main Island of St Marys take a walk to ‘Holgate’s Green’. Here you will find the local bus service as well as the various tours. The open top bus tour is very popular, as is the vintage coach ‘Katie’. Both tours are different and it’s worth going on both of them if you are staying on the Islands for several days. There is a ‘take away’ coffee shop nearby which sells ice creams, sandwiches etc. and there are several seats and tables with views over the harbour, so you can sit and enjoy the scenery while partaking of a packed lunch or pasty.

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For some great alternatives to Days out in Cornwall or Cornwall Day Trips please give the Isles of Scilly a try

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