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The Isle of Wight Festival is well known around the U.K and the world. The music festival is run annually and originated in 1968 with such bands as T-rex and Jefferson Airplane. The event was widely seen as the first great UK rock festival and a massive success. The 1970 festival was when the festival really kicked on and looking back at the lineup you can understand why it was deemed a classic. Bands and artists like Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Miles Davis, Bob Dylan and The Who playing over five days for an attendance that surpassed Woodstock!

However the unexpected success of the event (and high attendance levels) resulted in Parliament passing the “Isle of Wight Act” meaning that gatherings with more than 5,000 people on the Island would be made illegal. However hard they tried the local authorities and organizers couldn’t guarantee the safety for all the general public.

Fast forward 32 years and the festival has been revived led by ex Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant. Him and his band play alongside other popular acts like The Coral, Ash and The Charlatans. Although it isn’t as big as the 1970 event the general public are glad to see the festival back where it belongs. Between 2003-2007 there have been many classic bands come and play here amongst them Iggy Pop, David Bowie, REM, The Rolling Stones and Muse. There is a real buzz of anticipation about this years festival as bands old and new are playing in the Isle of Wight. After last years “Best Major UK Festival” award the headliners have got a lot to live up to although I’m sure your agree there are some good bands playing like The Sex Pistols, N.E.R.D., Kaiser Chiefs, The Police, The Kooks and many more.

The Isle of Wight Festival 2008 takes place on 13th, 14th and 15th of June and with an
estimated attendance of 65,000. With that in mind Isle of Wight Accommodation or Isle of Wight Hotels could be hard to find. To avoid disappointment I’d make sure to book early.

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