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1 – Practice in the garden – Although you might feel stupid doing it, practicing pitching your tent and getting used to your equipment (either in your back garden or a local park) is well worth your time. Better to know the ins and outs before you go than be struggling with it on a wet and windy evening in a caravan holiday park

2 – Protect your tent – Look after your tent and your tent will look after you. Tents can be high priced so be sure to protect it with plastic sheets underneath to prevent ripping or damage. Also once you get it home remove any dirt with water (not soap) and make sure the tent is dry before packing it away otherwise the mildew can produce mould and other unwanted pests.

3 – Use a Checklist – Imagine you are at a campsite and about to take a shower or brush your teeth only to find out that you don’t have a toothbrush or shower gel! This is where a checklist can obviously be helpful. Before you pack make sure to make a note of what you need and tick them off whilst packing. Do the same when leaving the campsite to make sure you don’t leave anything important behind.

4 – Carry spares – Most specialist outdoor retailers sell tent fabric and tent repair kits for whenever you are in a spot of bother and need to make repairs. Spare tent pegs and duck tape is also very useful to have in emergency or for small quick repairs.

5 – Close but not too close It’s always useful to be close to local facilities at a campsite such as toilets, showers and water supplies. Early in the mornings and late at night time however can be a different story as other campers can make a lot of noise not to mention the odors from the bathrooms!

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