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There are many attractions in the New forest that offer allsorts of various activities. The obvious and main reason that people visit the New forest is to see the beautiful scenery and wildlife. However there is a lot more to the New forest than meets the eye and once you find this out you might end up staying for a bit longer than you originally planned!

If you are looking for a relaxing break then why not visit the many manors and castles in the area. The Hurst castle proving popular with tourists. If not that then perhaps a quiet stroll along the gorgeous south coast. People looking to discover the history and heritage of the forest may want to visit the many local galleries, gardens and museums

The New Forest is a genuine walkers dream with many linear and circular routes. Along the way you will find many picnic sites all of which give the visitors an easy and safe access to a variety of landscapes. There are specially guided tours all year round where the local experts will tell you of the history, wildlife and myths all around you.

For people looking for something a bit daring and adventurous the adventure parks are always an interesting option. The New Forest is a fantastic place for cycling with miles and miles of traffic free tracks leading you right into the heart of the forest with few hills to worry about. If you are looking for a self catering apartment or room there are many different places to find a New Forest hotel.

Visitors to the New Forest will tell you that it is a lively, gorgeous landscape with many secrets to discover. The only way to reveal the hidden gems of the New Forest is to get out there and explore. Try to escape from the confines of the car and head out on foot, horseback to get a more intimate feel of the forest, its coast and villages.

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