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Paignton Zoo is a grand day out for all the family. Home to thousands of wonderful animals and plants, the zoo is setup into six various habitats in which they all co-exist. The habitats are Primley, Savannah, Forest, Wetland, Tropical Forest and Desert. The most popular animals being the elephants, monkeys, lions (who you can all watch being fed at specific times) and the crocodiles, pythons and giant tortoises.

You have to use most of your senses to find out about the wild world. Look about, listen in on the animals, you’ll use your sense of smell too!

As well as the animals and plants the zoo has a Jungle express mini railway, a jungle bridge in Lemur wood, special feeder talks and specific feeding times, space to sit and eat in over 80 acres of natural environment.

The Zoo has a scientific and educational charity devoted to conserving out worldwide

Wildlife traditions and stimulating its visitors into looking after and respecting the environment and the animals that live in it.

The keeping staff and veterinary team look after all the animals in the Zoo, working hard alongside the research staff to make sure that the environment is right for all of them. This might sound fairly easy but due to the large variety of animals on display this can sometimes prove very tricky! All the teams in the background enable the animals to be happy, active and enthusiastic.

After a fun trip out with the family it’s pretty certain you’ll be looking for a place to stay and one of my favourite areas is Hoburne Torbay as the people are friendly and there is plenty to do.

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