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Right in the heart of Newquay, situated on Towan beach is the stunning Blue Reef Aquarium. With over 40 displays showing a large variety of captivating marine life the aquarium has plenty to see and do. Blue Reef is a great day out for people of all ages, every time you go you will pick up something new, there is just so much to look at! Over 30,000 children visit every year to find out more about marine life and how they live.

The staff working at the Blue Reef are very informative and obviously care a great deal about marine life. They show feeding demonstrations (watching the Giant Pacific Octopus being fed is an interesting experience!) and give talks on the hundreds of tropical species and many local species that are on our Cornish coastside. Specially themed events like their up and coming Pirates weekend are also set up to keep all of the family entertained.

The main displays at Blue Reef Aquarium are as follows:

· Turtle Creek – Offering an unusual glimpse into the lives of Turtles from as far away as Brazil and Australia. The Blue Reef has also gaining international acclaim for its revolutionary work with marooned sea turtles.

· Tropical Paradise – The main centerpiece of the Blue Reef Aquarium is a magnificent coral reef based within a huge ocean display. Many exotic species call this place home like Puffer fish, Wrasse and Angelfish.

· Blue Reef Nursery – A devoted team of aquarists are involved in a breeding program designed for local and tropical species. In the nursery you will find clownfish and seahorses as well as sharks, rays and loads more.

· Predators – Oceans may seem safe from the surface but beneath they are a place where only the smart & strong survive! These depths are home to loads of bizarre and frightening creatures including Jellyfish, stinging Lionfish and the Giant Octopus!

· Claws enclosure – Discover how Lobsters, Crabs and Shrimps have been owning the seas long before the Jurassic period. Meet some of the more weird species in their rock-pools and trenches.

With all of that an many more you’ll be returning time and time again as the place is ideal for a Newquay short break so if you are down in the Cornwall area be sure to drop by!

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