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Seen as one of Britain’s most attractive tourist spots the Isles of Scilly attract over 120,000 holiday makers every year. These sub-tropical islands enjoy the UK’s best weather and is classified as an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Known as the Fortunate Isles by the locals, the Isles of Scilly are based 28 miles to the south west of Cornwall and are used as a landfall for birds originating from all around the world. The Isles of Scilly have build up a reputation for attracting Europe’s rarest birds with over 400 species recorded! Beating every other single site in the continent, with quite a high percentage being vagrants.

Obvious this calibre and quality of wildlife attracts people from afar with Scilly being particularly popular in Autumn. Around this time of year there are nearly more birders visiting the island than there are locals! As they search for a rarely sighted or never seen before bird in which they can brag to their chums of its beauty at the local pub in the evening.

Autumn however isn’t the only time of year for birdwatching. As going on a Scilly island day trip is nearly always rewarding. Puffins are around during the summer months as well as many different seabirds breeding all along the coastline. The European Storm-petrel also make an appearance with sometimes as many as 17,000 in tow. Night Herons and Little Bittern are regularly seen in spring time along with Hoopoes and Woodchat Shrikes. This is usually my favourite time to go as the warm weather, long hours of daylight and fewer birders makes it a peaceful, relaxing and intriguing time for me and the family.

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