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With summer supposedly here we thought we would compile some camping tips if you dare brave the out doors for a dreaded camping holiday

camping holiday

1. Practice pitching your tent

To save embarrassment when arriving at the campsite, why not practice setting up your tent in your garden before you leave. It may seem silly, but you will be glad that you know equipment well, especially if you arrive at the campsite and it’s dark.

2. Be Prepared

I tend to use checklists even when going on a package holiday. They are a great way of knowing that you take the things you need and you can check off the items as you pack them for your trip. This will also come in handy on the return journey.

3. Don’t trip over

Most tents now come with reflective guy lines which will hopefully lower the chance of making a fool out of yourself by tripping over the tent (we have all done it!). If yours aren’t already protective, you can use some coloured tape to make them noticeable.

4. Comfortable floor

Before setting up your tent, you should clear the ground of sticks and stones (they may break your bones) as they will be uncomfortable to lie on and may damage your tent.

5. Pitch somewhere sensible

Use common sense when setting up your tent, avoid camping near rivers or beaches where the water can rise and make sure prevailing wind will be deflected by the shape of the tent.

6. Facilities

It is a good idea to be fairly close to a campsites facilities, but if you are too close you maybe woken up in the night and mornings by noise and nasty smells.

7. Take Spares

It is a good idea to be prepared by taking spare tent items such as tent pegs, duck tape, guy lines and a tent repair kit that you can purchase from a outdoor supply shop.

Hopefully these tips will be useful for you next time you visit any of Britain’s amazing campsites


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