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Beijing was expecting 500,000 foreign guests for the August 8-24 Olympics but due to the high prices and the difficulties getting visas, those numbers may be off the mark. Due to this over estimating, some of the smaller, less influential hotels have been slashing their rates up to thirty percent already.

The larger, nicer hotels have been previously booked at negotiated rates for some time now and will serve to occupy the officials and sponsors of the Olympics.

Plots to target the games for attack have already been interrupted, but the China government is still very aware that the Olympic Games is an excellent opportunity for terrorists to attack and be able to involve a mass number of people all in one location. Visa rules have been made even more restrictive and multiple entry visas have been severely restricted causing a problem for many business travelers.

China hopes that by making the visas more difficult to obtain and increasing their security near the game sites, the games will go smoothly.

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