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Here are some fun facts and secrets (rumours) about Disneyland Paris

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  • The name Euro Disneyland was changed to Disneyland Paris when the CEO Michael Eisner realised that the term Euro didn’t bring up positive thoughts with most Europeans. As it is said to be associated with bureaucracy and politics.
  • The Walt Disney Company does not own the Disneyland Paris park but has shares of around 49%. The company that owns it, is called Euro Disney. This is the same case as the Disney resort in Tokoyo but with a different company owning it.
  • The Disneyland Paris resort is said to be one fifth the size of Paris.
  • The park doesn’t have a Club 33 like the American resorts but does have a private salon called Salon Mickey that is only open to members of the shareholders club.
  • Disneyland Paris has visitor levels of around 50 to 60,000 but number have reached 90,000 in peak times.
  • The Paris resort is the only “Magic Kingdom” where alcohol is served. The park followed the same no alcohol rules as the other parks until the French public complained.
  • When the park originally opened in 1992, the French public weren’t happy and decided to attack various cast members, resulting in security guards having to follow characters around.
  • Ironically, as the resort is built in the French countryside, they are reported to have a large field mouse problem.
  • Employees at the park use codes to communicate with each other, code 101 means a attraction or ride is broken and code 102 means it has been fixed.
  • The rights to the star tours attraction is owned by George Lucas. When visiting the ride once he decided to film the show, which is strictly forbidden, one of the oblivious cast members was luckily stopped before kicking him out.
  • The Newport bay club is the largest hotel in western Europe
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