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While it has always been assumed that Gothic City was based on New York because of the older buildings and gloomy downtown with its tall buildings, much like in New York, many of the scenes presented in both the comic book and the movie have an uncanny resemblance to Chicago, too.

Batman shows up fighting in lots of back alleys with many impressive buildings and dark corners in a city that you can almost feel the corruption in. Although New York does almost fit the bill, the impressive architecture and alleys that don’t occur nearly as much in New York, make Chicago seem a more fitting location to base the fictional Gothic City on.

Neal Adams, who has illustrated Batman for DC Comics since the 1970s, even agrees that in some ways, it is easier than one might think to assume Gothic City is really based on the city of Chicago with its history of corruption and criminal activity. So, while Gothic City may be based on New York, Chicago makes a great filming location for the movies to capture the true essence of the city that Batman calls home.

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