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No matter what style of vacation you’re looking for, you can find it in Cornwall. If you want a romantic interlude for you and your significant other, a long weekend break, a family beach holiday, or some other style of trip, you have options. There are a lot of self catering options available in that area, and that means that you can have all the amenities of home and more without being worried about spending too much money.

If you stay in a hotel it can get expensive, and you usually have to go out to eat for each meal. If you take a cottage break in Cornwall you can cook in your cottage and stay for a lower rate than you’d pay in a hotel – and you still get amenities you’ll love.

One of the best things about taking a cottage break in Cornwall is that you don’t have to leave your best friend behind! If you want to take Fluffy or Fido along, there are cottages where they can enjoy their stay as well, and you won’t have to board them or find someone else to care for them in your absence – and you won’t have to miss them, either. Whether you’re coming for a special occasion or just to take a break, the cottages in Cornwall have a lot for you to enjoy.

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