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So you’re going on a trip to Europe and you’re traveling light, taking a backpack not 5 suitcases. Practice hiking or walking with your backpack before you buy it, to find out how much weight you feel comfortable carrying. Its best to figure out where you’ll be going and how much hiking you’ll be doing. The season and time of year is also important and can dictate what you bring.

After you figure out all the details, the clothes are easy. Bring 2 or 3 t-shirts or short sleeved blouses and a couple pairs of pants and Capri’s or shorts. You can always substitute a shirt instead of another pair of pants. Everything should be loose fitting so it can be layered if needed. Don’t forget a raincoat and a neutral colored jacket.

For shoes, bring a pair of walking shoes and sandals or flats to dress up with.

Toiletries are also important. And don’t forget your money belt that can sit under your shirt.


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