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When you think of France you think of croissants and museums and the Eiffel tower, but there’s more to do in the country than people think, and one of the more alternative activities you could enjoy on your vacation would be a little camping.

Whether you want a mobile home or a tent or an apartment you can get what you’re looking for, and most French camping companies have English-speaking staff.  Don’t panic if you don’t speak French that well – or at all – because you can still have a great camping experience and a great French vacation.

Do you want to go to Disneyland Paris? Are you interested in spending the night in an apartment at a romantic French village? Pick the vacation that you’ll enjoy the most!

There are several different companies out there you can contact for your French camping vacation, depending on what kinds of options you’re looking for. They don’t all cost the same, but you might be pleasantly surprised at how inexpensively you can camp in France. Most companies also have ski vacations and snowboard holidays you can venture out on if the more standard camping trips aren’t for you. Whatever your taste and your reasons for coming to France, there are vacations you’ll love!

Camping France

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