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According to an online survey, 50% of UK residents are choosing to take a British holiday. Nearly 2,000 people took the survey and it shows that people are genuinely concerned with the strength of the pound in comparison to the euro, their carbon footprint and the current economic climate.

This month one of Britain’s largest holiday operator released a statement saying that their bookings are up 10% in comparison to 2007. Whilst travel company Lastminute.com have confirmed that bookings in the UK is up by 16%.

The survey also asked them where their favourite UK holiday resort was and the list was unsurprising with Newquay, St Ives, Bournemouth and Weymouth proving most popular. Nearly 70% of these people stated that being able to book their British holiday at the last minute without the need for passports, jabs or booking flights was also a benefit. The fact that the most popular towns were seaside resorts that people went to as children was also seen as a reason for people to return.

Lastminute.com has also noticed that people booking a Newquay summer break with have nearly doubled in comparison to 2007. With its famous beaches and great attractions like the Eden Project, Blue Reef Aquarium, Newquay Zoo and Waterworld its understandable why people are travelling down to Cornwall for their summer holidays.

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