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The most common problem you’ll likely have while on your European holiday is having a taxi driver overcharge you, but there are other scams you may encounter. One of the most popular is the ‘helpful’ local you will want to show you the sites and invite you for a drink at a popular bar. You go, and when the bill comes it’s several hundred dollars and you have to pay it or the gigantic bouncers near the doors won’t let you leave.

Of course, they’re getting a cut of your money. Also be careful of the ‘lost’ tourist whose credit card isn’t working and who seems so pathetic and troubled. He wants your cash or your PIN if you go to an ATM to get cash to help him out. And while you’re at that ATM, take a look and make sure it hasn’t been tampered with so that it will hold your card until you walk away to get help and the thief comes along to retrieve it.

Be careful, too, of foreign money, as some of the most worthless of it can look very similar to the best of it. Don’t get shortchanged because you’re in a hurry or because your waiter thought that you weren’t paying attention. You can have a great European holiday, simply by using a money belt and being aware of your surroundings – don’t fall for tourist scams.

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