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Usually, budget family camping trips are centred around holidaying in a mobile home within the families home country, but there has been an increasing awareness about the spectacular locales offered by France, there is an increasing trend towards budget family camping in France now, too!

A lot of people have not been aware that France has the potential for a budget camping trip; this is because France offers many picturesque destinations as well as activities for a family vacation to be truly enjoyable. Those heading for the Pyrenees (South France) will find many family camping locations that are scenic, serene and cost-effective too.

The first step to making a camping holiday in France a successful one is to start with a good deal on fairly-priced airline tickets (or train tickets, depending on which part of the world you are coming from) that are affordable for the full family trip, since getting to France is typically the costliest part of the trip. Tickets can be bought well in advance of the intended holiday plan time and tickets available off-season (outside of busy tourist times) are usually most affordable. Holiday experts recommend buying airline tickets in the autumn since summer is peak-season most places, and therefore tickets are expensive too.

Once you have bought your tickets you can plan ahead for the rest of the trip by checking for campsite reservations well in advance of your holiday and even if there isn’t much scope for getting a discount here, this step ensures you won’t be stuck with a much higher rate, which is the case with last minute reservations. Make sure you go online to reserve specific campsites; discussing with the local tourism boards about getting back country permits that allow you to choose various camping sites for your family camping France holiday is yet another smart way of getting the right information – and at lower rates.

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