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China has the largest population in the world along with the fastest growing economy. However, this rapid growth has resulted in tremendous environmental concerns for the country, one that threatens the health of its citizens.

The Chinese government has been under major fire concerning their unsettling level of pollution approaching the Olympic Games in Beijing. Among those pointing the finger are the United Nations, the World Health Organization and even Olympic authorities for individual countries participating in the games. Apart from overshadowing the Olympic games, China’s pollution issue poses a much greater threat to the country’s 1.3 billion citizens, and ultimately the entire planet itself.

Deemed as the world’s largest emitter of carbon dioxide and harboring lakes filled with tons of contaminated waste water, its unlikely that China will be able to clean things up in time to host an environmental-friendly Olympic Games. Moving into more positive environmental developments and sustaining them seems far fetched as well. While Olympic athletes will only be exposed to the polluted air and drinking water for a few weeks, the people of China must deal with a probable lifetime of unsafe conditions unless the Chinese government steps up to enforce much needed policies.

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