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Many campers who use tents now want to be able to use electrical products while on a camp site. As we all know tents and campsites aren’t the driest of places especially with the English weather. So how can we safely use electrical items in a damp environment? The camping and caravanning club have put together a great fact sheet for its members called “Using electricity in your tent” that can be found here. The sheet highlights some of the main hazards and risks of using electricity in a tent when camping. In this blog post will cover and discuss some of the points mentioned in the fact sheet.

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The first thing mentioned is something we all know but plenty of people don’t take seriously and get hurt from it, water and electricity do not mix. Whether it ends up with someone getting a shock or the electrical item breaking, mixing water and electricity is not a good idea, ever.

When using items in your tent, you need to be aware that tents can leak and will suffer from condensation making a very damp and hazardous environment. The slightest amount of water could break equipment and cause fires or electrocution. This is why regular home items should not be used and specialist proprietary equipment that is designed for damp conditions should be used instead. Specialist equipment that is designed to resist damp conditions should always be used to avoid danger.

You should also note that most household appliances you use everyday are not designed for damp conditions and great care should be used with them. On a side note wires from electrical equipment may cause tripping hazards.

The article provides some do’s and don’ts for camping with electrical items. These include only using equipment when someone is present and supervising it, otherwise always keep them switched off and unplugged. Testing circuit breakers before use is always a good idea as they provide a great deal of protection, and a faulty one could cause accidents. One of the biggest don’t is using household gang plug adapters, they are not designed for the damp and only specialist hook up equipment should be used. Another obvious one is to not leave children around electrical items.

If you are unsure of the suitability of any of your electrical camping equipment, then you should consult a qualified electrician.


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