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Anyone who flies through time zones has to grapple with jet lag. Here are a few ideas to make things a little easier. Leave home well-rested. Flying halfway around the world is stressful. Plan from the start as if you’re leaving two days before you really are. Keep the last 48-hour period sacred, even if it means being hectic before your false departure date. Then you’ll have two peaceful days after you’ve packed so you are ready to fly. Mentally, you’ll be comfortable about leaving home and starting this adventure.

On the flight, drink plenty of liquids, eat lightly, and rest. Long flights are dehydrating. Eat lightly and have no coffee and only minimal sugar until the flight’s almost over. Drink lots of water. Alcohol will stress your body and aggravate jet lag. On arrival, stay awake until an early local bedtime. Plan a good walk until early evening. You’ll probably wake up early your first morning. Trying to sleep later is futile. Instead, get out and enjoy an early morning walk, as merchants set up in the marketplace and the town slowly comes to life. See the sunrise.

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