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There was much public concern this year over the number of flights that were canceled by companies like American Airlines and others. While some speculated whether or not is was safe to the fly the friendly skies, it was found that these frequent cancellations were the result of negligence on the part of both the FAA and the airlines.

In the case of Southwest Airlines, flights were grounded due to cracks in the fuselages of their Boeing 737, an issue both parties chose to ignore for nearly year. A representative from the airline reports that this problem wasn’t an issue of safety because the bundle wire was actually secure, but instead, a matter of how the work was done. Despite their claims, Southwest was fined $10 million for this defect, prompting other companies like American Airlines, Alaska and Delta to tightened up in the maintenance department and get the proper inspections to avoid hefty penalties.

Automobile accidents and fatalities still outweigh those in the sky by far. While most airlines have established a good reputation over the past thirty years, there are a few you may want to avoid including those in Indonesia, Africa, Thailand and North Korea.


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