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One would think with the price of gas now, road trips would not be a popular vacation choice but it seems the people that make all the fun little gadgets to take on those road trips are still going strong.  Special driving jackets and stylish duffle bags are high on the list of “the” things to have for your driving needs. And let’s not forget the digital tire gauge, various chargers, players, organizers and special tool kits.

Now, a first aid kit for your car is always a good thing but it is really necessary to have a talking tool kit? Well, some people must think so because they are deemed one of the best gadgets for you to make sure your car has it all.

Night vision goggles, fancy sunglasses you name it.  The road trip gadget market is booming!

They’ve even invented gadgets that save gas.  Now, that sounds like one gadget worth investing some money into.

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