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St. Davids in Pembrokeshire is officially the UK’s smallest City and home of the Really Wild Food & Countryside Festival. This unique event is held in the astounding Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. The festival is a known as a ‘Celebration of Food and Countryside Crafts Originating from the Wild’.  It is a way to explore our ancestors lived in the wild without many of today’s modern conveniences with a few new ideas thrown in. Following the newly popular green trend, the festival helps people realize all they are missing in nature and the world around them that they could be using to make their lives better in simple ways. The ideas offered include new old ways for us to use nature in our kitchens, our bathrooms, our medicine cabinets and even to enhance our hobbies.

Many plants that were once used for medicine, cleaning and food have been run off by the modern technology that has provided us with the “easy” way to do everything. Not necessarily better but maybe easier, although this isn’t even always the case. Wild plants used to be the main source of food, clothing, building materials and medicines. The Really Wild Food & Countryside Festival accentuates new and old uses for these plants.

Though it may seem like more work to have to go out and look for what you need and then gather it and bring it home, clean it…all that before you can use it…but the benefits far outweigh the negatives and taking a stroll in nature and relaxing while you find what you need is far healthier than going to the grocery store in your car and buying it all.

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