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One of the benefits of Europe is that the area has a lot of mass transit. You can take a vacation there without ever having to rent a car, provided you don’t mind riding around with a lot of other people.

Seeing Europe by rail has become a popular and easy way to really enjoy the countryside and get to know fellow travelers. The European train system runs on a 24-hour clock – what most Americans know as ‘military time,’ so learn the system before you take your trip to ensure that you won’t get left behind.

You can also learn about the schedules and be aware of when the trains run by going to the Website for the German Railway. It’s the most comprehensive when it comes to trains throughout Europe.

You can also get schedules at the stations you travel through, and make sure that you go to the right station! Some of the larger cities throughout Europe have more than one, and can have as many as five or six. You’d hate to miss your train because you accidentally went to the station across town. You should also make sure the nameplate on the car you board is for your destination.

Cars are frequently dropped and added at various stops. A little advance planning can give you a much better trip.


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