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Nothing beats the fulfilling experience you’ll endure when visiting one of the many U.S. national parks. For as little as $80 you can purchase a pass that admits three adults and an unlimited amount of children under 16. Once you leave the park, that pass will admit you and all of your guests at no additional price whenever you decide to return.

With a trip to Yellowstone park you can enjoy the geyser eruption of Old Faithful, or take in the wildlife and marvel at the variety of animals on display. You can travel to Yosemite and view some of the tallest waterfalls in the world as they pour wondrously into the Yosemite Valley. Take your trip northwest into the Olympic and enjoy a spacious environment that essentially gives you three parks in one. Enjoy the temperate rainforests, sandy Pacific beaches or the amazing glacial-covered alpine reaches. Once you’re inside the gates, all of these sights and activities are offered at no cost.

The U.S. national parks make for a great family vacation that is sure to be cherished by everyone. While they offer excitement, there’s no amusement park that can provide such a return on such a small investment.

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