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Traveling, even on a vacation, can be stressful. Packing especially seems to be the one thing about traveling that people avoid and put off until the last minute. Packing doesn’t have to be such an ordeal if you just follow a few simple tips. Making packing easy can make your whole travel experience a lot less stressful and a lot more enjoyable.

Planning your packing and making a list of everything you will need, will help you keep organized and help thing go smoothly. Do not overdo it with the list. It isn’t about making the list. It is about making it easier for you.

Also, do not overdo it with how much you plan to take. Whittle it down so you only take what you are sure you will need. People tend to take way too much with them when they travel just in case they need it.

Research where you are going and staying to see if there are things that are available already at your destination, that you can avoid dragging with you.

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