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There are lot of ways to see Europe on a budget, and one of the best ways to do that is to find hotels that don’t cost you a fortune. Usually, you’re only there to sleep and shower and maybe eat breakfast, so there’s really no need to have a lot of luxuries. As long as the room is clean and safe and the bed is reasonably comfortable, what more do you need?

In order to save money on a hotel, think small. The smaller hotels and bed-and-breakfast establishments often don’t cater to tourists as much as the larger ones, but even though you’ll have fewer amenities you’ll also have a lower price tag and a lot of local culture that you can really enjoy.

There are also some moderately priced chain hotels that are now making their way into Europe. You’ll get more amenities there and you’ll still pay less.

A lot of hotels also require that you purchase meals and because of that your inexpensive room can quickly become costly. Those should be avoided. By following these simple tips and shopping around you can stay at a nice place on a budget and have plenty of money for souvenirs, sightseeing, and good meals.


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