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Have you ever wondered where the first McDonald’s was built or the first Subway? WalletPop, a leading finance website, has searched out the humble beginnings of many of our favorite food chains that litter the streets we live on. While the original McDonald’s opened by Ray Croc in 1955 in Des Plains is no longer an operating restaurant, it is still standing and is a museum now. Burger King, which actually was first built one year earlier in 1954, began in Miami.

The rapid rise of chain type food locations lead to the spread of finding something for everyone, bringing a new surge of coffeehouses and juice bars with Starbucks leading the way in 1971 in Seattle. Juice bars were soon to follow. It didn’t take long for chains to find their way into our grocery stores where it is now possible to buy a variety of different brands from chain restaurants to take home and make in our own kitchens.


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