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When you are looking for a touch of history along with astounding beaches and good food, Wiseman’s Bridge Beach could be just what you are looking for. Planning a vacation for just yourself or you and your whole family can be difficult to find something a little different from the same old thing. Even vacations can get boring if they are the same thing year after year. Wiseman’s Bridge Beach is a great alternative to the same old beach with lots of sun, little pink drinks with cute little umbrellas and a few palm trees.

Wiseman’s Bridge Beach is known for being the place where, in 1944, an actual dress rehearsal for D-Day Landings in Normandy. At the Western end of the beach there is a tunnel that used to be used by the railways to transport coal and iron. Now, it is used as a path to walk to nearby Saundersfoot. The beach itself is unusual in that the sand at the water line turns to pebbles and then larger rocks very quickly up the beach. Not really the kind of beach for frolicking in the sand but an incredible place to sit and watch breakers coming in.

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