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Camping is once again in style. The numbers of us who are choosing to spend our times in tents rather than hotels are on the up. With a recent survey suggesting that 50% of Brits are choosing to stay in Britain for their holidays it seems camp sites across the country will be full for sometime yet.

There are many reasons why camping is once again a top holiday choice for most British families. The obvious one which is affecting many of us at the moment is the credit crunch. Families across the country are having to tighten their belts and foreign holidays in top hotels are looking like just one luxury to far at the moment. Choosing to go camping whether it is camping in France, or any other European country, or in Britain is a much more cost affective holiday.

Environmental concerns are also important for many families. Flying abroad for your holidays creates a massive carbon footprint, especially when compared to camping which has to be one of the greenest forms of holiday available at the moment.

Another factor behind the rise of camping is that many of today’s Mums and Dads went camping when they were young. Now that they have children they want to relive some of those fond childhood memories, as well as let there own children experience what they did many years before. Many are even choosing to go back to the very same campsites that they visited with there parents.

The call of the wild is a strong force on an increasing number of us. With the vast majority of people in Britain living in towns and cities the closest we ever get to the countryside is watching it out of the window as we drive past. But now this is changing, more and more of us want to get back to nature and explore the countryside all around us. The best way to do this of course is camping.

So why not join the fun and start planning your next camping holiday.

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