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If you are planning a Christmas getaway this year then the New Forest may just be the place for you. The lush green forest that attracts so many during the summer is replaced by a Christmas card winter wonderland. The New Forest has remained largely unchanged for nearly 900 years, since William the Conqueror used the new forest as his hunting grounds, with country side this beautiful there has been no need to change it. This lack of change has created a very special and unique part of the country. Though the park may be much quieter during the winter there is still plenty of wildlife to keep you company. Deer, ponies and cattle are all still in the forest, grazing and looking for berry’s and other foods thorough the snow.

It’s difficult not to fall in love with the New Forest; this is especially true around the Christmas season, because it gives so much beauty back to those who visit. No matter what kind of New Forest accommodation you are looking for or what type of activities you want to engage in, the New Forest has something for you. Getting back to the beauty of nature is very popular with a lot of travelers, especially when they get near to special times of the year and take more of an interest in spending time with their family and friends. This often brings them closer to one another and to nature itself, so what better way to enjoy those kinds of times than with a New Forest Hotel in a beautiful area like this?

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