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When most people think of a traditional camping holiday, they picture it in a big field surrounded by loads of other tents. But one of the things we benefit from in the UK is some wonderful forests that can be used for camping.

Forests and woodlands allow you to have a wonderful scenic trip that allows you to explore the forest during your stay.

Forest Holidays have camp sites within woodlands, in Scotland, Wales, North Yorkshire, Norfolk, Wiltshire and the New Forrest. Many of the sites having trained site rangers to help you enjoy the forest with tour guides and activities.

Forest based holidays are ideal for camping trips for families and young couples. Bikers will love the picturesque trails that run through the forests and if you fancy something slower, you can take the paths by foot.

So next time you are planning a camping trip, why not consider a forest based site to add a new twist to your camping experience.


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