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1. Use different media to find the best deal

A lot of companies will give large discounts for your custom, in these times of financial unpredictability they have to offer deals for less to tempt potential skiers.

2. Check online

For the latest up to the minute information on Ski holidays to Norway or Ski breaks in France the internet is the place to check. Some companies offer discounts if you order online and not through a travel agents.

3. Hire/purchase equipment from the UK.

Tour operators often offer better deals than resorts when it comes to equipment hiring with some even offering refunds if it can be found cheaper at the resort you are staying at.

4. Purchase your Ski clothing from home.

You will find that the larger more popular resorts will sell their ski gear at very inflated prices leaving you out of money for the rest of the holiday. If you are going to purchase abroad then wait for the sales near the end of the season.

5. Budget effectively.

Ski holidays vary in price and quality, sometimes it is important to check all possibilities to enjoy a cheaper holiday. Sometimes a package holiday is cost effective, sometimes it isn’t and you have to travel with different companies.

6. Think about necessities

Sometimes it seems to be a good idea to book a luxury ski break to a 5-star chalet but switching to a 3-star apartment will soon be forgotten when you and your family are out on the slopes!

7. Haggle your insurance

EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) you won’t be able to get cover for serious injuries in which you may need to be air lifted. No-one wants to worry about problems like this so it is best to get proper insurance.

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