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Brittany is a beautiful part of France, with rugged coasts, quite beaches, stunning views and small islands. Along this beautiful coast and in the green countryside quaint cobbled street towns can be found, many of which have been unchanged for hundreds of years.

Though many parts of Brittany seem typically French the people of Brittany are quite different from the rest of the country and they are very proud of there uniqueness. Some of the principle towns in Brittany include Rennes with its colourful past, Dinan and Saint Malo, known as the old pirate’s nest. The Menhirs of Carnac and the Morbihan are two locations that should not be missed on your trip to Brittany. With flights from locations such as Cornwall to Brittany the area is easily accessible.

Normandy is another great holiday destination in France and has so much to offer tourists. Normandy is blessed with many historic towns, sandy beaches and the world famous Mont-Saint-Michel.

Rouen is the capital of Normandy and this picturesque old town is well worth a visit. Also well worth a trip, especially for art lovers, is Giverny. Giverny was the home of Monet and you can still walk through his garden which inspired so many of his paintings.

Both Brittany and Normandy make fantastic holiday destinations whether you are looking for a family break or a getaway with a loved one. With ferry links to both regions and with flights to Brittany the area is within easy reach of the UK

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