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camping in the winter

Most people tend to think of camping holidays as happening during the warmer summer months. But many people like to brave the weather and try a spot of winter camping. In this blog post we will cover some tips and advice that will hopefully make your winter camping trip go smoother.

Obviously you need to keep warm and one of the best ways to do this, is by wearing layered clothing. This allows you to adjust the amount you are wearing that will regulate temperature and body moisture. Fleece or body warmers are ideal as a bottom layer, working your way up to a waterproof outer layer. Cotton clothes aren’t really recommended as they lost their insulating qualitative once wet.

All footwear should be waterproof, especially if you are planning on going for walks in the area. Heat escapes from you head, so you should a woolly hat or balaclava. A balaclava will also protect your face and neck from cold winds.

One misconception is putting on too many socks. If you end up restricting the blood flow to your feet, they will feel cold no matter how many you have on. This same principle can be used with gloves; don’t wear too tight gloves as they will have the same effect. If you are going to a wet area, you should take extra gloves and socks as you will need them if they get wet during the day.

When it comes to food you should take plenty of carbs to keep the body warm. Care should be taken in that food should be easy to prepare in cold conditions and simple to eat. Keeping yourself hydrated is important, as dry winter air has the habit of dehydrating you without you knowing. Water is used by the body to create heat so it is important to keep an eye on. You can stop water from freezing by using insulating covers.

The tent you use for your camping trip should be carefully chosen, as some may not be sturdy enough to handle strong winds, and may have ventilation that will let the cold in. Select a campsite with spots that are sheltered if possible, tarps between trees can also be used to help block wind.

There are a lot of other factors that you need to take into consideration when winter camping. We will have another blog post next month discussing the matter further. Good Luck.


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