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1 – Book the holiday in a group – There are many great deals out there to be had including half price insurance for large groups or book a group holiday and the 10th person goes for free!
2 – Make essential purchases before you leave – Lift passes are often cheaper bought pre holiday in the UK than if you wait and buy them at the resort.

3 – Think about purchases – Are you the type of family or person who likes to lie in, especially whilst on holiday? If so it might be a good idea to buy half day passes instead of a full week.

4 – Book at the right time – New Year, Christmas, Half terms and early April all have something in common. They are all very busy and usually expensive. If you are looking for a cheaper Ski Holidays in France then book outside of these times.

5 – Be Prepared – Paying for everything up front on your holiday is something that we might not all be able to afford but it will let you relax and let you enjoy stress free Ski Holidays in Norway.

6 – Try to Haggle – Hiring shops particularly on ski resorts will charge quite large amounts for their goods. But a little bit of bartering can get you a long way.

7 – Purchase Ski gear from the UK – Gloves, Ski’s, Clothing, Goggles etc. Makes sure you purchase everything you need before you go as the prices can often double by the time you get to the slopes.

8 – Look around – Whilst the pound is weaker in todays financial market in comparison to the euro, look elsewhere and find other great places to ski like the Czech Republic.

9 – Be Sharp – Last minute travel arrangements are often best for cheap ski holidays with some packages being reduced by around 50% in order to sell the holiday.

10 – Drive to your destination – Thanks to a recent decrease in petrol prices it could prove beneficial to hire a car and drive over to your destination instead of flying.

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