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Glastonbury Tor above the fog.The Somerset Levels are well-known for their fog. Rolling in during the night to settle across the large, flat expanse of land, partly sea-mist brought up the Bristol Channel and partly the result of the area itself, the fog is often impenetrably dense and thick. It blocks out sound and sight and can leave you with no idea where you are and no landmarks by which to navigate. Sounds perfect for a scary, cheap family holiday, doesn’t it? Fog itself has been used frequently in ghost and horror stories to terrify people. Just as darkness means we don’t know what’s around us, so does fog, and we’re afraid of the unknown. The Somerset levels boast a plethora of these stories themselves, and if you’ve ever seen the great clouds of vapour bearing down on you, or looked out across the landscape on a cold morning from one of the hills that surround the levels, you’ll know why. People running panicked through the fog, not knowing which way is which and stumbling over unseen hazards whilst something circles around them, moaning and snarling, is easily imaginable when you suddenly find yourself with only two metres visible in front of you. The sight is spectacular, and people who wake up early enough on family holidays in Somerset can enjoy it themselves


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