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hadrians wall

If you are planning a Northumberland Cottage holiday you will probably be wondering what things there are to do in the county. Well one of the main tourist attractions is Hadrian’s wall. The wall is a stone fortification that was built along the width of Northern England by the Romans. Work started on the wall in 122 AD and the aim was to stop attacks and raids from the Pictish tribes from Scotland attacking roman Britain. There are other similar walls that were built at the time, but Hadrian’s Wall is the most famous as it is the most complete today.

The wall is said to be the most popular tourist attraction in Northern England and has been described as the most important monument built by the Romans in Britain.

Visitors can see visible parts of the wall today and also see various ancient forts and interesting museums that tell the story of the wall.

The countryside that surrounds the wall offers visitors some dramatic highlands and stunning countryside, with small villages dotted along. The area is ideal for both walkers and cyclists. Why not visit some of pubs and tea rooms in the area while checking out the wall.

So next time you book a Northumberland Cottage make sure you visit Hadrian’s wall.

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