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Isle of Wight Holidays are well known to be one of the most popular holiday destinations in the UK so below we will go through some interesting facts about the great island.

Strange & Brilliant Facts!

· The Village of Bonchurch is the Isle of Wights finest Victorian village, attracting writers, philosophers and artists like Karl Marx, Charles Dickens, Thackeray and Lord Macaulay all stayed for lengthy periods. Well known poet Algernon Charles Swinburn spent his youth in East Dene and Author Elizabeth Sewell spent over 50 years on the island (her brother Henry Sewell went on to be New Zealand’s 1st Prime Minister).

· An un-named species of dinosaur was discovered on the Isle of Wight in 1988. The fossil found was 12ft long and described as “cat like” with brutally sharp claws and teeth and abnormally long legs which made it incredibly fast.

· Frequently called the Garden Isle, the Isle of Wight is the host to some very rare plants and animals. One particular animal that appears to be thriving on the island is the Red Squirrel which has unfortunately been ousted in the mainland UK.

· Legendary Samuel London, well known to be the tallest man on earth was buried in the Isle of Wight. His tomb can be seen at the Church of the Holy Cross in Binstead.

· The Isle of Wight was the 1st place to endorse graded and inspected accommodation, no wonder there is such a large amount of Isle of Wight Luxury Hotels.

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