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Sailing is becoming increasingly popular pastime for people of all ages and backgrounds. Part of the rise in popularity was down to the success of ‘Team GB’ at the Beijing Olympics where Olympic hero Ben Ainslie won his third gold in a row and help bring Britain sailing medal tally in 2008 to 6 including an amazing 4 gold’s, more than any other country. Sailing is also attracting people because of the sheer fun of it. You can simply relax and enjoy as the world and some stunning scenery pass by or you can enjoy almost not stop action as you dash from one side of the boat to the other altering your lines and sails to make sure you catch the best winds and best race lines in the water. There aren’t many sports as versatile and varying as sailing.

The Lake District is one of the best places in the UK to learn to sail. As the name suggests the area is home to some of the biggest and best lakes to be found in England and for the novice sailor they are perhaps some of the softest waters to be found. The Lake District also has the advantage of stunning scenery. While this might not help you sail it will certainly make it even more enjoyable and memorable. The formation of the Lake District is also conducive to sailing as the hills and peaks create natural wind tunnels which help make sailing just that little bit easier. There are numerous great things to see and do in the National Park if you do want a break from the water while there are plenty of fine Lake District Hotels where you can rest after a day on the water.

There are a number of training schools across the region including the Royal Yachting Association training center. Here you can be taught by the experts and learn the skill that you need to know to sail safely. Before you know it you will be out on the water having the time of your life. You can achieve all this while still being able to enjoy a Lake District Holiday.

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