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With the unreliable weather always haunting the British holiday there seems to be few things that you can do. Whatever the weather you can depend on the Devon weekend break to deliver a few of the things that the area is well established for. Below are three things that you must experience on your Weekend break away.

Cream Teas

How could you possibly visit Devon without having a cream tea? It’s worth the trip alone. These are not like the ‘cream teas’ outside of Devon which consist of squirting cream from a can, a tea bag dropped in a cup and some hot water splashed over it.  A proper cream tea is the thing that makes the holiday. Delicious Devonshire cream (not from a can), local jam (ideally strawberry but the choice is yours), fresh scones (you can also opt to have fruit scones), and a brewing pot of tea. All that, with the added bonus of the relaxing atmosphere it will only be a matter of time before you are completely unwound.

The Devon Countryside

No matter what time of the year you visit and whatever the weather conditions you can always rely on the countryside. The countryside provides the home to a vast amount of woodland creatures and in areas like Dartmoor you are likely to come across many animals roaming around, like the wild ponies that live on Dartmoor. The summer months provide ideal weather conditions for those who want to enjoy the view and undertake a relaxing walk through the forests. The winter months then provide a more challenging walk for those who like to brave the weather conditions.

Real Ale

Another great reason to visit Devon, besides food and exercise, is the ale. There are plenty of small farmhouse pubs that specialize in the local ales that are well known in the area. Such popular drinks like, Draymans Best, Summa That, Bays Best and Dartmoor IPA are just a few of the ales available. A well timed visit could also co-inside with a Beer Festival usually on in September.

Combine all of these elements and a Devon Hotel and you have you’re ideal Devon break. Food, Drink and the stunning countryside prove to be a winning combination every time.


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