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A weekend break to an unusual location can bring all sorts of unexpected pleasures and surprises. Great scenery and picturesque local villages provide a nice hideaway and a warm and welcome atmosphere. February of 2009 offered more to some North Devon travelers than many expected. As Christmas was becoming a distant memory and the dark nights were looking like they would go on forever, the temperature remained close to freezezing and this would prove an ideal time for snow. The North Devon landscape would soon be covered with fresh untouched snow and would provide a playground for adults and children alike.

Many travelers would be unfortunate enough to be caught in the snow and stranded on the roads due to the dangerous and icy conditions. Bad weather conditions combined with a shortage of salt that could be used to grit the roads would prove very difficult for travelers to make it to their journeys safely. Many North Devon hotels and villagers would open up their doors to the stranded visitors and offer them shelter for the night. The weather at the very least brought people together and displayed a sense of community spirit. The police and emergency rescue services tried their best to rescue those stranded.

The snowy weather conditions where making the roads so bad that people where advised to not make any unnecessary journeys. The North Devon roads and landscape was engulfed with several inches of snow which was the most that people had seen in 18 years. The weather was so bad in places that many companies called snow days as to prevent staff making any dangerous journeys to work. The North Devon landscape would provide the home for many snowmen for a few days in February. People sledging would become a common sight as well as the odd snowball fight.

Some North Devon hotels where situated in the heart of the snow and surrounded by the winter wonderland.  People became stranded of their weekend breaks and found commuting from place to place extremely difficult or even impossible, although people became isolated due to the snowfall many found comfort in knowing that this sort of thing does not happen on a regular basis and provided, at the very least, a most stunning view that hasn’t been seen for some time.

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