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If you are thinking of taking a Yorkshire Holidays this year you might want to know some of the best attractions that can be found in the area.

Flamingoland Theme Park and Zoo is one of the largest theme parks and zoos in the UK and attracts over one million visitors each year. The park features many great rides which have been designed for families and thrill seekers alike. They also have many great live shows throughout the day which are well worth a look. They also have an amazing array of animals as well so it’s easy to see why this is one of Yorkshire very best attractions.

The Petrified Well is the oldest visitor’s attraction the whole of Great Britain. The well first opened its gates to visitors in 1630 and people from across the country have been visiting ever since. Well is know as the Petrified well because the high mineral content found in the water turns any object that come in contact with the water to stone. Around the well can be found hundreds of every day items that have all been turned to stone after prolonged exposure to the waters. Near to the well can be found Mother Shiptons Cave, which is the home to one of the most famous seers in English history. Mother Shipton who lived in the 16th and 17th century was known across the land for her ability to see into the future. Today you can explore the cave and the magnificent surrounding woodlands.

Eden Camp is a great destination for anyone interested in history. The museum provides a fascinating insight into life during World War II. For something a bit sweeter why not take a trip to John Bull World of Rock. Here you will not only be able to see sweets made but actually have a go at making them yourself. You might also be lucky enough to taste a few samples. While in Yorkshire a visit to York is a must. The city is full of history and stunning architecture and many great things to see and so. A trip to the towns and cities of Scarborough, Leeds and Sheffield are also well worth a visit and with the many great Yorkshire hotels they have to offer they also make great bases to explore the area.


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