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If you need a break, there are many beautiful places in Britain that you can go to. You don’t need to go to a different country. The UK is not always rainy, and there are many warm, sunny days where a person can enjoy the beach. Even on cooler days where the weather is not that good, the seaside can be gorgeous. Deciding where to go along the coast can be difficult, but the Pembrokeshire coast is one of the most popular choices for those taking a short break in Wales. How popular a beach is for a particular person, though, all depends on what he or she wants and what is most important for their holiday. If children are coming along there will be different considerations made then there will be if adults are going by themselves. What stage of life they are in and what kinds of funds they have to spend are also worth consideration. However, there are some seaside breaks, like Barafundle Bay on the Pembrokeshire coast that just about everyone can enjoy. Others include Embleton Bay and Runswick Bay. These provide not just beach, but birds to watch, fishing villages, and quaint shops that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The area is also home to many different types of accommodation suitable for families, couples and groups. The area has many fine hotels, B&B’s and some pretty Pembrokeshire cottages.

Holkham National Nature Reserve in Norfolk and Formby, in Merseyside are also valuable places to visit for what they have to offer. The shops and the cafes that are seen in these seaside villages are great places to visit for adults and children both and they are very picturesque, so they’re also great places to hold special occasions. The food there is wonderful, and people, who like to visit museums, go to zoos or nature preserve areas, or just walk along the seashore can all enjoy these kinds of areas. For people who really want to bake themselves on the beach, that option is open as well. When it comes to the finest seaside breaks in Britain, though, a person really has to judge for himself or herself. They are all similar, but yet they’re all a little bit different, and what appeals to one person might not really appeal to another. It’s best to explore what each seaside break area really has to offer and choose the one that provides you with the largest number of opportunities for the people in your group to enjoy. If you’re by yourself, picking a place where there will be more people can be more enjoyable, as well.

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