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While the city may have lost its title as European Capital of Culture there is still so much going on in the Merseyside city.  Long gone are the days when Liverpool were famous for shell suites and having your wheels stolen. The city has undergone a multi million pond makeover and now the city has a thoroughly modern and cosmopolitan feel. The city has plenty of accommodation for visitors, from traditional B&B’s to modern Boutique hotels.


Manchester is another city that has left a less than favourable image behind it. The city has spent billions of regeneration over many years to make itself the so called capital of the north. Its new status as a world class city was sealed when it hosted the hugely popular Commonwealth Games in 2002. Manchester has a growing number of first class hotels that will suite any taste and budget.


England’s only World Heritage City, Bath has a wealth of historical architecture that would be the envy of many cities in the world. The star attraction of the city is its famous Roman baths, where many of the remains can still be seen today. You can even bathe and drink from the very same thermal spring which still flows through the city.  There is plenty of great Bath accommodation on offer in the city and the pretty surrounding countryside.

bath accommodation


The Capital of Wales, Cardiff, is quickly establishing itself as a top city break destination. The new bay area has been playing a pivotal role in TV shows such as Doctor Who and Torch Wood which have only added to the popularity of the city. Cardiff is lucky enough to enjoy great access to the rest of Wales, allowing you to be surrounded by the beautiful Welsh countryside within a couple of hours. The city has great transport links and a variety of accommodation.


For along time London has been one of the top City breaks in the world and it’s easy to see why. London is a city unlike any other in Britain, or even the world. The place just has a unique feel to it, made up of its history, diversity, style, culture and life. The Capital offers you so many things to see and do that you could keep coming back again and again and still experience only a small part of what London has to offer. The city has some of the finest hotels and accommodation anywhere in the world. Don’t worry though not all the hotels are 5 start a-list accommodation, there is plenty of great cheaper hotels on offer.

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