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For many people going on holiday is a great time to unwind and relax. Yet the planning for the holiday can be a stressful and be a difficult time for some. Especially for those who have pets that don’t want to leave a member of their family behind. Many hotels do not except pets on their premises which can make finding a hotel that will accommodate a pet much more difficult.

There are however many places that will except pets as a companion in their hotels or b and bs, which means many pet owners need to stress no more. Offering a dog friendly environment in a range of locations through out the UK the problem of taking your pet with you has been addressed by the industry.

Dog friendly cottages offers pet owners through out the UK the chance to holiday with all members of the family and really relax knowing everyone is ok. Many locations offer the opportunity to spend the holiday with the family which doesn’t require excluding the family pet. Offering stunning surroundings as well as footpaths and open fields that will allow you and your dog to explore the local area as well as many locations proves to be an ideal break for everyone.

Its well worth checking with the hotel or accommodation provider if your pet is welcome and if they will take more than one if you have several animals. Don’t just ask if they accept pets, explain what breed your pets are and inform them of any other details that you might think are relevant.

Its not just hotels and B and Bs that will accept pets but also pubs are very welcoming to pets. Very often you will find mans best friend sleeping on the floor of a pub while his master enjoys an alcoholic beverage.

With more opportunities opening up to the family with pets, planning a holiday is no longer inconvenient and difficult to arrange. Travel options and destination choice will open up a series of opportunities allowing you to bring the whole family. Taking the family cat or dog on holiday with you will save you a small fortune on kennel fees and give you the knowledge that your pet is being well looked after and close at hand.

With a choice of self catering cottages, apartments and hotels all offering ideal accommodation in some stunning locations you are more than likely to find something that is perfect for you and your pets. Easy travel to most parts of the country and a broad range of rural landscapes, the UK makes an ideal place for holidaying with your pets. Cornwall, Devon and Dorset are just three popular destinations that holiday makers visit each year with their pets.

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