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Italy is well known and a common destination for many travelers. However, depending on what you want for a holiday will depend on where you go. This article looks at four popular Italian destinations each of which offer something a little different.

Milan ItalyMilan
Proving to be a popular part of Italy, Milan has become associated with people looking for great style and sophistication in a fantastic landscape. Milan is an ideal place to relax and provides a great destination for many people who are looking to unwind in a clean, stylish environment that offers the best of what luxury can bring. Renown for its attractive models and celebrity style status, Milan is a stunning part if Italy that will surpass your expectations.

Milan is a leading tourist attraction of Italy and is driven by its ongoing ability to attract tourism to the area. The area is home to many great attractions and an provides a vast array of historic and iconic works of art.

Tuscany ItalyTuscany

This is truly a most stunning area of Italy. Comprised of the beauty of nature and the breathtaking contribution of man both of which go hand in hand, this is an area that really allows you to embrace the essence of Italy. An area of which is populated with rural attractions and rolling hillsides and wonderful vineyards. Each element of the land has been defined by the people who inhabited it and the natural beauty that has been allowed to develop there.

Romantic walks along the rural paths will allow you to absorb the atmosphere and explore what the surrounding area has to offer. Once there it is will be easy to see why so many people choose to visit this stunning area every year.

Roma ItalyRome

An area of Italy steeped in history and breathtaking architecture this has become a place that is a step back in time. Providing excellent food and culture all round, this stylish and active part of Italy drives many visitors to taste the Italian culture each year. The people of Rome portray what the city is all about, occupying outside cafes drinking wine and espressos in the perpetual sunshine.

The architecture fits in well with the historic ruins that populate the city and become part of everyday life for all who life there. The laid back attitude encourages a peaceful approach to life which proves to be ideal for a holiday away. This is a great place to go for those who want a little culture and history in a relaxed and laid back pace.

Florence ItalyFlorence

Fashion and art collide in a part of Italy that inspires and stimulates. A busy centre that is the heart of many businesses’ Florence is most defiantly a developing area which is set to continue to grow. Attracting many tourists each year that come to see the wonders that the area offers Florence is a ‘must see’ destination for many travelers.

Offering an area of timeless beauty the surroundings only gets better with age and time. The support of their history shines on in the buildings and sculptures that they allow to populate the area.

With so much on offer in Italy you will be hard pressed to choose just one destination. If like many people you are looking for Villas in Tuscany or Self catering Tuscany based holidays try Hello Italy for a full range of villas and apartments.

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