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Bryher is the smallest of the inhabited islands of Scilly. Despite its small size the island manages to capture wild rugged beauty will offering a tranquil relaxing environment.

While on the island you should head to Hell Bay where the Atlantic sends jets of sea spray up into the air. For a more gentle shore head down to Rushy Bay where the sea laps at white sand. If you want to venture on to the seas yourself Green Bay is the place for you as the surrounding seas barely see a ripple, which is great for rowing boats and kayaks. The giant stacks are another natural marvel which shouldn’t be missed on the island.

St. Agnes

St. Agnes is one of the most southwesterly inhabited places in the whole of the UK. To the westerside of this small island rock crags jut out into the Atlantic Ocean while to the east you can view one of the finest sunset anywhere in Britain. The villages in the centre of the island can easily be described as chocolate box, which is appropriate as they produce there own chocolate as well as home made ice-cream.

St. Martins

St. Martins proudly boast so of the best white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue waters anywhere in the UK or northern Europe for that matter. Despite being just 2 miles wide the islands manages to offer diverse landscapes. In the north rugged sea cliffs great the Atlantic toped with purple heather. To the south expansive sand and rock pools await visitors when the tide goes out. Across the island can be found numerous beaches, often with almost Caribbean-esque white sand, quite coves and scenic costal paths. The island will off you plenty of great things to see and do while on your Scilly Island holiday. There are also a number of great restaurants on the island, many of which offer fresh local produce and fresh fish caught just a short distance from the restaurant itself.

St. Mary’s

Often regarded as the hub of the islands St. Mary’s offer links to the main land allowing you to sail or fly to the Isles of Scilly. Though the capital of the island, Hugh Town, is little more than a village in size, it has a number of facilities found in any town across the land such as banks, post offices, health center and a whole range of shops. The towns harbour experiences the Scilly islands equivalent of rush hour as people gather each morning to catch the ferries linking to the other Scilly islands.

The island has a wealth of stunning countryside ranging from woodland, marshland, heath land and sand dunes covered in African wild flowers. To full experience the scenery you can take a walk along 30 miles of paths that you will find along the coast and criss crossing the island. While traveling acroos the island you may come across some of its ancient monuments, such as burial mounds, megalthic village and civill war fortifications.


Tresco is alive with colour thanks to the abundance of flowers grown at the Abbey Garden, often described as ‘Kew with the roof off’. Thanks to the island location many species of plant that grow and flourish here can not be grown anywhere else in Britain, making the island feel very exotic. There are numerous other attraction to the island with castles, bronze age tombs, museums and much , much more.

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